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The training of valuable engineering specialists for industry and economy can only be carried out by an educational institution with internationally recognized cutting edge R&D activities. It is important for the fields of education, research and innovation to be well-balanced in the operation of the institution, and to entirely exploit the resources of one another. The University of Pannonia is built on these principles. The educational program of the university is tailored to international front-ranking quality, the results of its research activity are published in prestigious international journals, and the innovation programs of the institution support the development of competitive industrial products. Government support received for training makes up 1/3, while R&D projects provide 2/3 of the university budget.

The institution operates as a unique matrix-networks system. The traditional network system based on locating university campuses in different cities is not sufficient. Therefore, setting up a matrix-type network is of key importance, thus efficiency and quality are present in every field of operation. With the university seat in Veszprém and additional campuses in Keszthely, Nagykanizsa, Székesfehérvár, Martonvásár, Pápa and Kőszeg, the five faculties offer a wide scale of educational programs. The research and R&D project activities support the educational programs with resource, tasks and the continuous renewal of the curriculum. Consequently, the structure of the University of Pannonia is based on the synergy between the educational, research and R&D activities. This methodology is also applied in the long-term development cooperation processes with other universities and industrial partners.

The University of Pannonia has established joint research partnerships with several prestigious international institutions and project based R&D activities with numerous top international companies in Hungary, which guarantees solid support of the accomplishment of long-term professional and economic objectives.

With its outstandingly performing faculties, efficient organization, commitment to regional development and social engagement the University of Pannonia has become a role model institution. On these grounds, the University of Pannonia provides a professional career for students, top-level scientific performance for the international scientific partners, and participation in the development of competitive products for the industrial partners.

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