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Thursday, 09 April 2015 22:37

Our Education Sytem

Number of programs, Disciplines covered
Number of BSc programs: 36

Number of MSc programs: 33
Number of Doctoral Schools: 7

Doctoral School of Information Science and Technology

Doctoral School of Molecular- and Nano Technology

Doctoral School of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences

Doctoral School of Chemical Engineering and Material Science

Doctoral School of Management Sciences and Business Administration

Doctoral School of Animal- and Agricultural Environmental Sciences

Doctoral School of Crop Production and Horticultural Sciences

Disciplines covered: information technology, engineering, economics, agriculture, social sciences

The five faculties of the University of Pannonia offer a wide scale of educational programs. The Georgikon Faculty (Est. 1797) was the first institution of agricultural higher education in Europe. Besides the traditional agricultural sciences, a great emphasis is laid on modern ecological considerations. The Faulty of Engineering (Est. 1949) offers graduate and research programs in all traditional fields of engineering including chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering. The bachelor’s and master’s programs of the Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences (Est. 1990) cover the fields of education, social sciences and language studies. The Faculty of Information Technology (Est. 2003) offers study programs in IT and advanced technologies: business information technology, engineering information technology, software information technology, electric engineering, logistics engineering. The Faculty of Business and Economics (Est. 2003) offers nearly 20 bachelor’s and master’s programs in three fields: business economics, economics and technical management.


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